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Q15: Loving Andrew – Chapter 13

Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome

“In reality inclusion is creating a nightmare for special education teachers concerned for their students’ welfare and for mainstream teachers who lack training and experience to deal with the handicapped.” P. 144 “Our experience with Andy, and the Yeagers’ experience

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Q29: Life With Charley – TrisomyCharley

Sherry reminisces about the changes that have occurred in the world since Charley was born. There have been some changes over the past several years that have made life better. Mainstreaming, for one. Inclusion is a morale booster for people

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Q27: Life With Charley – Everyone’s Arena

While it’s important not to reduce people with disabilities to objects of inspiration, Sherry admits that someone she doesn’t really know taught her an important life lesson. It may sound odd, but that one event taught me more than the

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Q26: Life With Charley – I Re-Wed

When Charley decides that his parents aren’t really married because he didn’t see it, a renewal of vows seems the obvious solution.  But there, in the middle of the ceremony, Charley didn’t want to be seen. This brings me to

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Q16: Life With Charley – The Look

In this chapter, Sherry unveils a part of herself – she’s brutally honest about her feelings and how the world responds to her and her family. One church selection committee just sat and stared at Charley while they were talking

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Q20: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 20)  “The room was full of people with disabilities, almost all adults, and their parents.  I’d seen it before a dozen times, but this time it was impossible for me not to compare the assembly with the people on

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Q19: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 19) After the Palmers returned from their trip, Greg wrote a thank-you note to the owner of the cruise line, telling him about the purpose of his trip and about Ned:   “This staff is obviously very well trained

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