Q19: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 19) After the Palmers returned from their trip, Greg wrote a thank-you note to the owner of the cruise line, telling him about the purpose of his trip and about Ned:


“This staff is obviously very well trained in the care of passenger/guests.  But without prior warning they went beyond their normal efforts to make a young man feel, not just welcome, but an equal part of a disparate group.  They learned what he could do, and then helped him to do more–they showed him respect, which might seem commonplace but is in fact rare in the world of the developmentally disabled.

I would pass on my appreciation to every staff member on board–expedition, hotel and ship’s crew–but I’d like to particularly thank Expedition Leader Tom Ritchie, Historian Tom Heffernan, Physician Gail Wagner, and our principal two waiters, Chito and Dennis.  Ned and I will never forget their kindness, compassion, and generosity of spirit.” pp. 64-65


How did you react to Palmer’s letter?  Was it appropriate for him to thank these people, or is common courtesy part of their job?  Do you think that acknowledging people for being kind to your loved one helps promote inclusion?  Have you ever thanked someone for including your loved one?

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