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Q17: Writing With Grace

Writing With Grace

Part Five:  Me, as a Real Person McFarland writes about what she sees as a downside to being “high functioning.” “As I read about Jason Kingsley, I recognize similarities with Grace’s story. Her high functioning, her ability to read and

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Q28: Loving Andrew – Epilogue

Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome

John and Lisa talk about what it was like for them growing up with Andy. For the most part, they seem to have “typical” sibling relationships. How did you react to the memories they shared? “Andrew was aware of his

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Q16: Life With Charley – The Look

In this chapter, Sherry unveils a part of herself – she’s brutally honest about her feelings and how the world responds to her and her family. One church selection committee just sat and stared at Charley while they were talking

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Q8: Life With Charley – Surrender

Charley drops a bomb on Mom.   He laughed and said, “Mommy, I wanna  gowa date.” Good thing my back was turned, and he couldn’t see my reaction. “Like, a boy-girl date?” It appeared he’d been watching Grease again. (It’s

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Q43: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 43)  “Given the thousands of adults with developmental disabilities who don’t have jobs, I guess I should be overjoyed by the news that Ned will soon be working and making a salary.  Because I know the alternative….   People

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Q16: Adventures in the Mainstream

“Most kids would probably pass by the hymnbooks in such a gift shop without a second glance. But not Ned, who has been a songbook collector for a long time.” … “His current songbook collection must be at least two

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Q9: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q9) “Ned’s brother, Ira –three years older, college graduate–has already started having his own adventures.  He’s played football with the Carlton College team in Germany, been an exchange student in Japan, and traveled with me on a production trip to

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Q6: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q6)  “Ned did okay, even with me staring at him throughout the meal, praying he wouldn’t suddenly fling an appetizer across the room.  He has never flung an appetizer across any room in his life, but I was still nervous. 

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Q4: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q4) “For some of the people around us, Ned’s formal graduation from high school was seen as a kind of self-esteem gimmick, a conspiracy between his parents and teacher to make him think he’s just as good as everybody else.

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