Q4: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q4) “For some of the people around us, Ned’s formal graduation from high school was seen as a kind of self-esteem gimmick, a conspiracy between his parents and teacher to make him think he’s just as good as everybody else. You would never say to the parents of a typical kid, “He’s graduating from high school! Isn’t that cute!” But I heard something close to that from a lot of people a few months ago. They weren’t trying to be condescending, necessarily. They just didn’t understand that even if Ned’s educational goals weren’t the same as those of others in the class of 2002, they were still goals he had to strive to achieve. They were goals he did achieve.” p. 7

How did you feel about your son/daughter/sibling graduating. Did other people dismiss the accomplishment or make light of it?

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