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Q11: Writing With Grace

Writing With Grace

Part Three:  My Real Truth Unfortunately, Grace had a lonely high school experience. It’s a story that we hear all too often. McFarlane interviews her “one good friend.” “As Samara tells me about her friendship with Grace, I’m struck by

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Q29: Life With Charley – TrisomyCharley

Sherry reminisces about the changes that have occurred in the world since Charley was born. There have been some changes over the past several years that have made life better. Mainstreaming, for one. Inclusion is a morale booster for people

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Q17: Life With Charley – Back to School, Ain’t That Cool?

Change is difficult for all of us, especially those who think in a concrete terms.  Routine helps our kids feel safe.  Moving, new schools, a parent going on a trip, are transitions that are especially difficult. We all like the

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Q31: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 31)  “Ned has one month more of state-sponsored, high school-organized, vocational training.  After that he’s on his own, ready for whatever the world has to offer him, and what he has to offer it.  I’m just not sure that

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