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Q23: Just Like Other Daughters

“You would think I would enjoy spending time with families who go through the same trials and tribulations I do, dealing with a mentally handicapped child. But I don’t. They don’t make me feel better. They make me feel worse

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Q11: Writing With Grace

Writing With Grace

Part Three:  My Real Truth Unfortunately, Grace had a lonely high school experience. It’s a story that we hear all too often. McFarlane interviews her “one good friend.” “As Samara tells me about her friendship with Grace, I’m struck by

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Q1: North Side of Down – Acknowledgements

The North Side of Down: A True Story of Two Sisters

Nancy has a long list of people to thank and she shares with us specifics about what she appreciates the most about each one. Have you ever thought about who has helped you on your journey as caregiver? What are

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Q13: Life With Charley – Mr. Fix It

One of the best gifts we can get as parents is someone who “gets” our kid, someone who understands and appreciates them for who they are.  The Palmer’s friend Calvin was one of those people. Fixing things wasn’t Calvin’s only

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Q31: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 31)  “Ned has one month more of state-sponsored, high school-organized, vocational training.  After that he’s on his own, ready for whatever the world has to offer him, and what he has to offer it.  I’m just not sure that

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Q22: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 22)  “…we brought Ned along to the wedding, although he wasn’t invited, even after we told our friend he was coming.   For a while I had a problem with Ned’s not being asked to attend the ceremony or

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