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Q15: Writing With Grace

Writing With Grace

McFarlane and her daughter witness a frightening incident in a department store. A young woman with Down syndrome appeared to be having a behavioral episode. Afterward McFarlane reminisces about her feelings during the event. “Why had those words – She’s

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Q18: Loving Andrew – Chapter 16

Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome

Driving is one of those things that is a rite of passage for most people. It can be difficult to deny the privilege to our sons/daughters. Andy passed the written test, but his parents still felt it was too much

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Q20: Life With Charley – No Boundaries

Many people with Down syndrome are known to be huggers. “Charley, you might want to wait and let people hug you first,” I said. “Why?” “Because people will like you better if you let them come to you,” Brad said.

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Q15: Life With Charley – Freezing with a Chance of Charley

This is one of my favorite chapters! First, Sherry explains how SLOW life with someone who has Down syndrome can be: Individuals with Down syndrome cease to function when others are upset. Here’s the low-down on the slow-down. Want movement?

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Q14: Life With Charley – Operation Dental Drop

Dental disease is one of the main health concerns for adults who have Down syndrome.  In this chapter, Sherry describes how hard it is to get Charley to comply with brushing his teeth. It’s a scene that involves crying, stomping,

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Q13: Life With Charley – Mr. Fix It

One of the best gifts we can get as parents is someone who “gets” our kid, someone who understands and appreciates them for who they are.  The Palmer’s friend Calvin was one of those people. Fixing things wasn’t Calvin’s only

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Q42: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 42) “…I stayed to sing with Ned.   This was a huge mistake…For four years Ned began every choir class at Nathan Hale with vocal warming up, but this time he declined to participate. Not making a single sound,

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