Q9: The North Side of Down – Chapter 8

Amanda’s section in this chapter is called ‘About My Dreams.’ In it she shares her bucket list and a great quote:

“Life is about special moments.”

Does your loved one have a bucket list?

Tell us about a special moment you have had with your loved one.

One of the things mention in this chapter is the family’s concerns about guardianship of Amanda. Legal guardianship is a hot topic in our world. People have strong opinions about whether full guardianship is ever appropriate. Families have to make that decision for themselves and may find that their state has less intrusive options available that suit their needs better. Also, Nancy and her siblings were right to be concerned about how guardianship works across state lines.

For more information:




Has your family chosen guardianship or something else for your loved one? Why?

If anyone has experience with how the issue of guardianship across state lines plays out in real life we’d love to hear about it.


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One comment on “Q9: The North Side of Down – Chapter 8
  1. Nancy Bailey says:

    I highly recommend avoiding assigning guardianship if at all possible. Explore other options. Even when you think you know people, they can change.

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