Q 10: The North Side of Down – Chapter 9

In Amanda’s section of this chapter she talks about fear and how Nancy helped her overcome it. Is there something your loved one is or has been afraid of? How have you worked to assuage those fears?

“The fact that R1 made this distinction infuriated me. Did Amanda’s disability make her less of an adult? Was she incapable of feeling her loss or of needing to mourn? Could she not express herself or make her own choices?”

When their father dies the sibling are faced with important decisions.

How did you react to this extremely important chapter? Did you feel that Amanda was considered as a full participant in the discussions about her guardianship?

The narrative we get here is explicitly Nancy’s perspective. Can you consider the perspective of one of the other siblings? If we were reading his/her story how might they explain their position when it comes to Amanda?

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