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Q 10: The North Side of Down – Chapter 9

The North Side of Down: A True Story of Two Sisters

In Amanda’s section of this chapter she talks about fear and how Nancy helped her overcome it. Is there something your loved one is or has been afraid of? How have you worked to assuage those fears? “The fact that

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Q30: Life With Charley – Jump In

Sometimes our kids want to do things that we’re not too sure about. Somewhere between struggling with my sunglasses and looking around to make sure I hadn’t dropped anything, I glanced up to see Charley standing in the line leading

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Q28: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 28) “For the last two days I told Ned he was on his own doing his Wedgwood job.  As far as he knew, he was.  But I got in the car and watched him, following the bus, sneaking up

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Q17: Adventures in the Mainstream

“On our first night aboard the Endeavour nine days ago, Ned noticed the piano in the lounge and informed me that he intended to give a concert for our fellow travelers. I said no. We do not inflict our children

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Q6: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q6)  “Ned did okay, even with me staring at him throughout the meal, praying he wouldn’t suddenly fling an appetizer across the room.  He has never flung an appetizer across any room in his life, but I was still nervous. 

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Q2: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q2) In the first chapter, Palmer sets up the struggle he intends to show his readers: How parents of children who have Down syndrome think about the transition from child to adult. “Can a very verbal, very social young man

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