Q22: Loving Andrew – Chapter 20

Andrew’s co-workers describe him as having moods when he is “obnoxious.”

“If he doesn’t want to listen, he won’t listen. The only one he’ll listen to is Pete because Pete’s his supervisor right now. Andrew is like my six-year-old kid; if he doesn’t want to do something he won’t do it, and that’s it.” P. 225

Does your loved one have these “moods?” How do you manage them?

They also describe Andrew’s attachment to Pete. Wyllie explains that people with developmental disabilities find it difficult to be flexible and suggests that this is why Andrew only listens to one person.

How do you feel about this explanation?

Wyllie asked his co-workers if they learned anything from working with Andrew. Their answers seemed candid and genuine.

How did you feel about their reactions? Have people told you that they have been changed by knowing your loved one?

Andrew was also very active outside of work. He enjoyed bowling and tennis.

Does your loved one participate in any sports?

Has your loved one ever responded to solicitations from vendors?

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