Q23: Loving Andrew – Chapter 21

Wyllie’s discussion about how Andrew didn’t have friendships in school is difficult to read.

Is her description familiar? Did your child attend his/her prom?

The subject of reproductive health and the rights of people who have Down syndrome presents difficult medical, legal, and civil rights issues.

How did you react to what you read about Andrew’s and Leal’s parents’ involvement and how they handled the situation?

“In spite of realizing that marriage was a distant and unrealistic dream, Andrew and Lael became engaged.” P. 237

“Some parents believed that their sons or daughters were incapable of a physical relationship because they did not have sexual urges.” P. 238

What part should parents’ play in making decisions about marriage and sexual relationships between people who have intellectual disabilities?

The second half of this chapter focuses on Andrew’s relationship with the church.

Does your son or daughter practice his/her faith? Has a church made accommodations, or failed to make them, so that your son/daughter feels included?

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