Q22: Life With Charley – No Ordinance

Sometimes it feels like we’re parenting in a fish bowl.


This is where our instincts tell us that there are still some things Charley can’t do. 

This is where the Down syndrome community will shake their fingers. What do you mean there are things he can’t do? He can do anything you allow him to do. But there is also such a thing as knowing your kid. And this much I know—Charley doesn’t do crowds. Not without someone there specifically to be his one-on-one buddy, and tonight he doesn’t have an assigned buddy. P. 373


Sherry bravely addresses the issue of judgment within the Ds community.  Have you ever felt judged for your parenting?

That’s it then. There will be no football game tonight. 

Brad and I both tear up. We hold each other and cry. And why not? We know how bad he wants to be a regular Joe. We also know the consequences of taking our eyes off him for even a second. It’s the dilemma of parenting a powder keg.

Are we killjoys? Probably. 

Keeping him from having a social life? Probably. 

Overprotective? Probably. 

Do we have a good dose of the guilts? You bet. P. 378


Have you ever experienced “a good dose of the guilts” over a decision you’ve made for your child? Are there things you just don’t think are worth the risk?

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