Q21: Life With Charley – PermaShave

Everyone wants to be able to make their own decisions, especially when it comes to grooming and personal hygiene.  It may take us a little longer, but as parents, we want our children to get to that point too.  Charley doesn’t like to shower, or shave.

There, standing in the middle of the bathroom, is our son, completely naked, covered in hair. He’s managed to shave, all right, and once he finished with his face, he carved a path down the middle of his head. Only, he shaved the front part and stopped midway. It looks like a road surrounded by a wheat field of hair standing straight up in the back and sticking out on both sides. A sideways mohawk. 

Charley says, “See?” Brad is standing there with his mouth hanging open. I’m stifling a laugh and might just wet my pants, but Charley catches me.

“No funny, Mommy,” he says. “No waff again.” 

Brad tosses Charley a towel. “Wrap a towel around you, Charles Benjamin.” Charley gives me a sheepish grin, and I assure him that I’ve seen enough skin.

“Well, at least he used the clippers instead of your razor,” I say to Brad.

“I weddy now,” he says. Um, I don’t think so.

“Son, why don’t you let us help you finish cutting your hair?”

“No. I done.” 

“But your hair.”

“I fine. You go, Mom.” Pp. 351 – 352


Has your child done any creative grooming? Is bathing, or any other aspect of grooming, a challenge at your house?  At what point did you start allowing your son/daughter choose his/her own hairstyle and clothes?

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