Q20: Life With Charley – No Boundaries

Many people with Down syndrome are known to be huggers.

“Charley, you might want to wait and let people hug you first,” I said.


“Because people will like you better if you let them come to you,” Brad said.

“But I like him.”

Charley gets quiet in the back seat. It is obvious that he’s trying to process what we’ve just said to him. P. 332

Is your child a hugger?  Have you tried to enforce boundaries?


Part of Charley’s charm is the way he accepts others.

Is it a natural part of Down syndrome that he loves people just as they are? Without trying to change them? I don’t know. What I do know is that he changes the room when he enters it. While others are interested in themselves, he is interested in others. I have no doubt he changes lives. He sure has changed mine.  P. 335

Do you think unconditional love is a part of Down syndrome?  Which of your child’s qualities are your favorite?

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