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Q22: Life With Charley – No Ordinance

Sometimes it feels like we’re parenting in a fish bowl.   This is where our instincts tell us that there are still some things Charley can’t do.  This is where the Down syndrome community will shake their fingers. What do

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Q38: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 38)   “We’ve always taken the line of least inconvenience regarding his attire, never asking him to wear anything that wasn’t very comfortable and easy to put on.   Like pants.  If Ned has a pair of regular, zipper-up-the-front,

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Q11: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q11) “But Ned refused to board our boat when the time came.  He insisted he wanted to ride back without me. I was mad.  We were holding up the line of our shipmates, breaking the Palmer family rule Cathy and

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