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Q4: The North Side of Down – Chapter 3

The North Side of Down: A True Story of Two Sisters

Amanda believes that she talks to the dead at night. Does your loved one have unorthodox beliefs or habits that you are not sure how to explain to others? When the girls’ mother passes away, Amanda’s life if changed significantly.

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Q25: Loving Andrew – Chapter 23

Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome

Wyllie goes into detail about the different doctors, diagnoses, and medications prescribed in an attempt to understand what was going on with Andrew’s mental health. Have you ever had trouble getting appropriate medical care for your son/daughter? Andrew’s long-time girlfriend

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Q13: Life With Charley – Mr. Fix It

One of the best gifts we can get as parents is someone who “gets” our kid, someone who understands and appreciates them for who they are.  The Palmer’s friend Calvin was one of those people. Fixing things wasn’t Calvin’s only

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Q5: Life With Charley – New York

In chapter 4, Sherry talks about Charley’s dog Buddy. We sat Charley down later that afternoon and explained to him that Buddy was an outside dog, a born runner, so we were finding him a new home where he could

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Q41: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 41)   “I moved back to the curtain, watching the crowd out front…I glanced back at Ned once.  Ira had found a chair and was sitting next to him, supporting him by his presence alone.  In the dim light

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Q5: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q5) “A boy who has expressed such interest in tragedies and their human aftermath, like the Titanic, Mt. St. Helens’ eruption, the Johnstown Flood, and a few others, acted as if the horrible tragedy of the World Trade Center was

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