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Q24: Life With Charley – Da Weal Santa

Some people call it learned helplessness – asking for help with things they are completely capable of doing.  Some adults who have Down syndrome have learned to manipulate the unsuspecting. One of the girls in the church, Alyx, comes over

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Q23: Life With Charley – Going Green

One of the great things about Charley is his ability, even as an adult, to play like a kid. Sometimes I forget he’s an adult. This person who is part man, part boy. This person who sports a beard and

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Q39: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 39) “These days when he switches emotionally from being a six-year-old kid to a twenty-two-year-old adult in just a matter of moments may whip his mom and dad around like crazy, but he seems to be able to do

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