Q6: The North Side of Down – Chapter 5

Nancy talks about having to step in after her mother’s death. She says that she doesn’t resent her siblings, but readers may doubt that based on what she writes.

Have you ever felt resentment about your responsibilities as a caregiver?

“Families are still the primary caregivers for adults with developmental disabilities and are themselves aging.

About 76% of individuals with developmental disabilities reside at home.In 25% of these homes, the family caregiver is over 60 years of age.

The average age of the care recipient with a developmental disability is age 38.

(Heller, T. (2011). Strength for Caring:
Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities
and Their Aging Family Caregivers.)”

Family Caregiver Alliance
National Center on Caregiving

Nancy finds that the house Amanda lives in is no longer functioning as their father deals with his grief. According to the statistics sited above, there are many adults with developmental disabilities who rely on aging parents as caregivers.

What are some of the problems that are specific to aging caregivers?

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