Q2: The North Side of Down – Chapter 1

Amanda talks about her boyfriends Red and Todd.  

How did you feel about her descriptions of her relationships?

What was your reaction to Nancy’s story about how their father decided to have Amanda’s tubes tied?

“Her social life ended after graduation, when she was 26.”

Unfortunately, Amanda is in the majority when it comes to “the cliff” – the point in which people with intellectual disabilities transfer from a life of service entitlement throughout their school career, to the world of adult services. Caregivers must navigate this new world on their own to find services which are difficult, if not impossible, to locate and often come with tons of bureaucratic red tape and years-long wait lists. Because of this many people with intellectual disabilities have active lives while in school but loose relationships and services when they leave the education system.


How have you dealt with “the cliff.”

I was struck by Nancy’s story about how her siblings were told of Amanda’s diagnosis. Their father tried to explain Down syndrome – using the language off the time – and ended up scaring the children.

How did you explain Ds to other children/family?

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One comment on “Q2: The North Side of Down – Chapter 1
  1. Nancy Bailey says:

    The Special Olympics were an important part of Amanda’s social life. It opened her up to all types of people from all over.

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