Q18: Loving Andrew – Chapter 16

Driving is one of those things that is a rite of passage for most people. It can be difficult to deny the privilege to our sons/daughters. Andy passed the written test, but his parents still felt it was too much responsibility for him.

How have you handled this topic?

Andy’s job at the neighborhood co-op is a shining example of community inclusion. Wyllie had to convince the store owner to give Andy a trial run at the grocery but it worked out in the end.

Have you helped to create job opportunities for your son/daughter?

“He seems to feel that he is given a special place in life because of his handicap.” P. 182

The words from the coordinator of the program where Andy was a volunteer must have been a shock to his parents.

How did you react to them?  Have you ever experienced this type of behavior, from your own child or others?

“Andy was bright enough to make use of his disability status when he wanted to avoid the effort required to work hard at something he did not particularly enjoy.” p. 182

Did your child test the boundaries with new people?

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