Q5: Loving Andrew – Chapter 3

Wyllie recounts the famous poem by Emily Pearl Kingsley – Welcome to Holland.  Have you read this poem before? Did someone recommend it to your or did you find it on your own? What was your reaction?

Early intervention was not available until the late ‘80’s. Wyllie talks about the services that were available to the Rodriguez family but not to her. Instead, she relied on her instincts and tried to support Andy with exercises to strengthen his muscles.

Did you have early intervention services? If you did, how did you feel about having someone in your home working with your child? If you did not, what types of natural supports did you provide to encourage your child’s growth?

Wyllie found it important to her story to talk about her mother’s illness.  Does your relationship with your mother impact your relations with your child? How did your mother react to the diagnosis? What lessons did you learn from her that stick out when remembering those early years with your child?

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