Q41: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 41)

  “I moved back to the curtain, watching the crowd out front…I glanced back at Ned once.  Ira had found a chair and was sitting next to him, supporting him by his presence alone.  In the dim light backstage, they looked like brother for the first time in a very long time.  I felt terrible for what might have been, but never was, and probably never could be.  I wondered if Ira missed having a brother he could talk to and share his life with, a brother who would keep in touch no matter where they went or what they did.  Before Ned was born, when we knew he was on the way but didn’t know anything about him,  that was what we hoped would happen.  We hoped that one of the things we were doing was providing a companion for Ira, somebody he could always trust to be there if needed, and somebody who could always trust him.  I’ve been able to adjust pretty well to Ned’s situation in the years we’ve had together, but never to that loss of real brotherhood.  It will always hurt me.”  p. 273


Palmer packs a lot of pain in that one paragraph. He obviously still grieves for this particular loss.   Is there anything that you still grieve for?  Does your loved one have siblings; if so what is their relationship like?

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