Q20: Loving Andrew – Chapter 18

Andy’s college classes required that he navigate the city’s public transportation.

Has your son/daughter surprised you by accomplishing something you never expected? How do you handle your anxiety about letting him/her try new things- especially if they could be dangerous?

The story of Andy’s accident is frightening.  Andy was able to give the police his name and address, but he also wore an “identity necklace” that listed his disability.

These days, identification and interactions between law enforcement and people with disabilities is a hot topic. Does your child wear identification? Can he/she know his address? Could he/she tell someone in an emergency?

Trying to convince our adult children to do something they don’t want to do is difficult. There’s a fine line between guiding and stepping on a person’s rights as an adult.

How did you feel when reading about how Wyllie approached Andy about shaving? Have you had to convince your son/daughter to do something “for their own good” that he/she didn’t want to do?

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