Q17: Adventures in the Mainstream

“On our first night aboard the Endeavour nine days ago, Ned noticed the piano in the lounge and informed me that he intended to give a concert for our fellow travelers. I said no. We do not inflict our children on others. “And besides, Ned, your instrument is the guitar, not the piano.” But Tom Heffernan was so impressed with Lavender Blue that he invited Ned to tickle the ivories tonight during the cocktail hour before dinner…

When we arrived in the lounge, the house was full, although admittedly some of the crowd was composed of drinkers, not listeners…

I was five times more nervous than he was –afraid he would embarrass himself, and even more afraid that he would embarrass himself and know it. And, yes, I was afraid he would embarrass me, too. It’s not a feeling I’m proud of, but a fact, nonetheless.” pp. 47-48


Does fear of embarrassment keep you from allowing your loved one to do certain things? Do you admit to yourself that you’re afraid that your loved one might embarrass you, or do you tell yourself that you’re protecting you loved one’s feelings?

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