Q10: Writing With Grace

McFarland explores some disability theory and tries to understand her own thoughts through a disability studies lens.

“And how does this relate to me? Am I afraid that like Grace, I’ll be seen as someone who can never be a writer? And worse, that I’m as invisible as she seems to be?” p. 65

What does this say about the author?

McFarlane returns to disability studies and the aspect of being invisible, this time in the writings of Robert Murphy, The Body Silent:

“A disabled person could enter my field of vision, but my mind would fail to register him –a kind of selective blindness quite common among people of our culture.” P. 107

She then admits to similar feelings:

“Before I met Grace, I felt I’d never really seen anyone with Down syndrome, even though I must have many times. Like Murphy, I was blind to the Graces of my world.” P. 107-108

When my son was diagnosed, I had no idea what Down syndrome was. I may have had the same “blindness.” Did you have experience with Down syndrome before your child was born?

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