Q 16: Just Like Other Daughters

“I have to tuck my hands behind my back to keep from helping Choe with her coat. Our therapist has given me the task of allowing her to be more independent, of helping her realize what a capable young woman she is. It’s hard. So hard.” P.15

“I see Chloe tromping into the kitchen, carrying the grocery bag. She sets it on the table rather than the counter and begins to unload it. She carries one item at a time from the table to the refrigerator or cabinet. At this rate, it will take her half an hour to unload one grocery bag. I turn my back to her so I don’t have to watch.” P. 36

Sometimes it’s hard to back off and let our adult children do tasks by themselves, especially when it takes twice as long as it would take us to do for them. How do you deal with these situations? Can you think of an example?

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