The Christmas Kite


Gail Gaymer Martin

The Christmas Kite
Part of the Steeple Hill Women's Fiction series:
  • The Christmas Kite
Editions:Paperback: $ 5.95
ISBN: 0373785089
Pages: 288
Kindle: $ 0.99
ISBN: 0373785089
Pages: 320

A heartwarming novel of unconditional love, hope, and redemption follows an eight-year-old boy with Down's syndrome who brings his mother and a reclusive stranger, haunted by the death of his wife and child, together, giving them both a second chance at love.

Reviews:Carole Jarvis on Amazon wrote:

I thought this was an excellent book, with great application of spiritual truths, and I want to read more by Gail Gaymer Martin. I think it's a stretch to describe it as a Christmas book, though. Kites play a big part in the story, and a special handmade kite given as a Christmas gift comes in close to the end, but that's really all that pertains to Christmas.

"The Christmas Kite" is a tender romance between two lonely people who learn how to deal with past hurts and grow to love and trust again. A special needs child with Down Syndrome absolutely steals your heart.

I also liked that this book took place over several months, close to a year. In many romances, "true love" happens so quickly that the romance seems unrealistic. In this book, the romance grew slowly, but steadily, and felt right. I found it a very enjoyable read.

Loraine on Goodreads wrote:

Meara Hayden and her Down's syndrome son, Mac, have suffered tragedy, heartache, fear, loneliness and shaken faith. Jordan Baird has suffered the same feeling as well as guilt and little faith. Circumstances bring them together and their love for Mac heals them both.

Wonderfully realistic characters and a great storyline made this a a great read

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