Raising Peanut: Raising Our Adoptive Daughter Who Happens to Have Down Syndrome and Autism


Jen Benito

Raising Peanut
Editions:Paperback: $ 9.99
ISBN: 1721733078
Pages: 144

Raising our adopted daughter who happens to have Down syndrome and Autism!We had no idea how much our lives would change when we made the decision to adopt Jana. We have learned so much from Jana in the past 3 years and we are truly honored that you are joining us on this journey.

Reviews:Bshirley on Amazon wrote:

This story is a wonderful account of adoption and special needs parenting. It gives a loving view of the ups and downs of each day; sharing joys, triumphs, and setbacks with honesty and humor. As an adoptive parent, it shows the wonders of adoption while not skipping over the fears that come with the process. The faith and trust Jen Benito and her family have in God shines through the entire story. I highly recommend this book- Jen writes with love and honesty from her heart and tells the story of her family beautifully!

kimberley fryfogle on Amazon wrote:

I sat down to start to read this book...I did not move until I finished it!! This book, every word, spoke straight to my heart. A beautiful and honest glimpse into the life of a family with such an incredible girl. This brave mama opens up her life to us. She shares the amazing journey their beautiful child has lead each of them on. How her special needs have affected each of them, and how having her in their life has changed them and built their entire family up into this solid, strong, grateful and loving family. Their story is a testimony to what a family should be. To what unconditional love and support truly is and means and what love really looks like. It taught me so much and opened my heart in so many ways. Thank you to this mother and family for sharing their beautiful life!! We all can learn so much about life’s purpose from this beautiful little girl and her courageous family.

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