More Alike Than Different: My Life with Down Syndrome


David Egan

More Alike Than Different David Egan
Editions:Kindle: $ 17.76Hardcover: $ 18.69
ISBN: 163388628X
Pages: 176

In this inspiring memoir, David Egan tells his own story, giving us a window into a life spent pushing boundaries. With a family undaunted by his diagnosis of Down syndrome, Egan learned early to speak up for himself. He has since become a powerful advocate for all people with disabilities.

His optimistic perspective rejected the limits of stereotypes and the expectations of others. He shares how the support of loving family and friends led him to overcome challenges and blaze new trails. It started with swimming and baseball, when he earned places on his neighborhood teams, competing fiercely and as a fully accepted teammate. He writes firsthand of the empowering feeling of being fully included in elementary school and at work as an adult.

Egan has earned positions at prestigious companies and a distinguished fellowship on Capitol Hill. He sits on the boards of influential advocacy organizations. He has addressed audiences worldwide and has played a powerful global advocacy role with Special Olympics.

He allowed himself to dream big, and he encourages everyone to do the same. His lesson to all of us is to focus on our shared humanity despite our differences--and our diagnoses. This hopeful memoir will encourage everyone to make the most of their lives.

Reviews:Kathy Palokoff on Amazon wrote:

David was profiled in my own book -- Firestarters: How Innovators, Instigators, and Initiators Can Inspire You to Ignite Your Own Life. He is a true Firestarter! David then went on to write his own book with his mother, Kathleen. What an accomplishment! The book is powerful, touching, and eye-opening. I plan on giving copies of this book during the holiday season because what David shares is a story that will inspire everyone and make us all understand that miracles happen through love, inclusiveness, and persistence.

Nick Salenga on Goodreads wrote:

This is a great book about David Egan tells his story that gives us window into life spent to learn early to speak himself in pushing boundaries with family undaunted by his diagnosis of Down syndrome since he has become powerful advocate for all people with disabilities.

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