Memoirs of a Mongol without a Pony


RG Stern

Memoirs of a Mongol without a Pony
Editions:Kindle: $ 7.99Paperback: $ 15.19
ISBN: 0692653228
Pages: 328

Leave your heartstrings and sympathies at the door, for this is no woe-is-me or triumph-over-adversity soap opera. Enter a world you have never heard of, experienced or seen. Shane Stern has Down syndrome and a wicked sense of humor. An irreverent, profane, hilarious, and unfiltered worldview, as seen through the "savvy, if somewhat skewed eyes" of one truly unique wise man. Memoirs of a Mongol without a Pony, while providing a running commentary on gender, race, sports, entertainment, politics, celebrities, and American culture in general, is at its heart, an utterly original portrait of a charismatic life traveler, wandering deep into the hearts and souls of those fortunate enough to tag along at his side.

Reviews:pepeps on Amazon wrote:

Wonderful book!
This book very hilariously illustrates the excitement and joy of a life well lived without regard for anything other than doing what seems right and what is true and what is fun. Shane Stern is the true wise man who worries not about achievement or about what others think of him, but rather about living in the moment and appreciating every person for who he or she is. He sees through the curtains and walls most humans build around themselves and seems to see through these barriers into people's souls. He does not care for fashion or elegance or fanciness, but rather for a friendly smile and a life free of pretense. He cuts right through skin color, religion, and wealth, and slashes at the little obstacles that society imposes upon all of us. Shane, whether with or without Down Syndrome, was very lucky to have been born into a family that values what is important in life. His parents were fortunate to recognize his special gifts and to make the most of them. His parents did not worry about his limitations, but they developed his potential. Any child born into such a situation is destined for greatness, regardless of chromosomal state.
This book has a great approach to what to many people would be devastating obstacles. I have no idea how I would have responded to such challenges, but I doubt I could have mustered such grace and strength. This book is not a "how to" manual on managing children with "challenges;" but it does illustrate the tremendous value of meeting any challenge with determination and optimism.
You could say this book is a song of joy, AND you could say it's ridiculously funny.
My wife made an excellent comment: This would make a fantastic movie!

zainab_booklover on Goodreads wrote:

Once again it is proved to me that doctors make brilliant writers and produce remarkable pieces! Without a doubt, R. G. Stern wrote one hell of an outstanding memoir.

Btw, Am I the only one who fell in love with the synopsis?! ♥

It is a very enjoyable biography both in terms of style and events. In terms of style, it is simple in its appearance and sophisticated in its essence. In terms of events, you'll find yourself wholeheartedly smiling most of the time. And although it is narrated with a humorous tone, you'll have tears in your eyes and cry over certain stories.
And of course having a printed copy of this book, that is autographed by both the author (Shane‘s father) and Shane himself, is simply something that I will always consider a wonderful gift ♥

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