Loving Outside the Lines : Lessons from an Earth Angel


Jannirose JOY Fenimore

Loving Outside the Lines
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99Paperback: $ 7.52
ISBN: 1467565466
Pages: 128

Jannirose Fenimore offers an intimate look at the lessons in love a mother learns from her son who is blessed with Down syndrome. Jannirose’s stories describe the everyday miracles that unfold as this gentle young man—whose name is Charlie—embraces life with the absolute trust of a child and the unyielding faith of an elder. A savant of the spirit, Charlie is a humble receiver of the inspired teachings that form the heart and soul of Loving Outside the Lines. The profound clarity of his messages shines through the pages of this magical book and awakens readers to the innocence of childhood long forgotten. E-book also available in Amazon's Kindle store. Just search "Jannirose" and you'll find it.

Reviews:Robin R. on Amazon wrote:

I have in my hands, a book that if I had the money I would buy a million copies and hand them out to everyone I meet! The LOVE that exudes from this book could easily flood a 1000 pages, but it does the job in a mere 100 pages! Each time I read one of Jannirose's (Charlie's golden-hearted mom) stories - about an extraordinary young master named Charlie - I reach for the tissues because my heart overflows with LOVE. If you feel happy you will feel happier reading this book. If you feel sad, you will feel less sad...you may even smile and see the heart-opening benefit to your sadness. When Charlie enters your heart, it is impossible to not be changed for the better!

Allen Pollock on Amazon wrote:

I am pretty fussy about Inspirational books...

...and really could not put this gem down. The writing is creatively clear and 'from the heart'; a true feast. This author is a gifted story teller, using that gift to candidly share her life lessons being the mother of Charlie, a young man with Down Syndrome. She calls him her 'earth angel', and with good cause: Charlie really doesn't have much that gets in the way of knowing what life is all about - receiving one's own self and others for who we are and loving ourselves and them completely, without reservation, without condition. In these chapters, through Jannirose and Charlie, the reader meets him or her self time and again, and finds a different, deeper perspective about life, living and loving.

I would recommend Loving Outside the Line - Lessons from an Earth Angel to you, to the real you (deep inside), that wants a nudge and affirmation to break free of things which stop you from loving fully from the heart. I can't wait for the next book from Jannirose. She and Charlie are an amazing team. Is there a fan club yet?!

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