Joyce’s Way, Finding Normality Despite Disability


Susan Klein

Joyce's Way
Editions:Paperback: $ 7.78
ISBN: 0692138439

Joyce's Way is, at once, an inspirational and unpretentious story of accepting and meeting the challenges of parenthood, especially when raising a child with a disability. The book relates the life and love of Joyce Brigish, her husband Alan, and their children – Cy, Hal, and Jackie. In 1968, when Alan and Joyce’s first child, Cy (Cyril Quintin), was born with Down syndrome, the couple immediately made the decision to keep their family together—ignoring endless advice to put Cy in an institution and go on with their lives. The story unfolds through the day-to-day challenges, frustrations, and triumphs of advocating for a child who is clearly not like most others, while offering him every opportunity to reach his potential educationally, socially, and spiritually. With a desire for the inclusion of all people with disabilities, Joyce Brigish embodied the kindness and patience as well as the diligence and fortitude necessary to change public sentiment concerning people who, historically, have been marginalized. Delightful surprises await. All proceeds will be donated to Camp Jabberwocky, a one-of-a-kind sleep-away camp for people with disabilities.

Reviews:C. Salguero on Amazon wrote:

“Joyce’s Way” is a most enjoyable read. Uplifting and instructive, too. The portrait of the Brigishes raising Cy, their first child born with Down syndrome, will engage you, despite any initial hesitation you may have. Joyce, consistent and persistent, is also very creative in developing Cy’s skills so that he will fit more easily into a “normal” society. Along the way she herself becomes a persuasive advocate for including individuals with disabilities in the rest of the world's everyday activities. There is a bundle of humanity in the story and Susan Klein tells it deftly, without sentimentality. Alan Brigish’s photographs are plentiful and delightful; many of them show Cy at the unique Camp Jabberwocky for people with disabilities on Martha’s Vineyard. Don’t miss this opportunity to smile, wonder, learn, admire and celebrate."

James S. on Amazon wrote:

Keep a box of tissues close at hand, you'll need them. What a wonderful tribute to a remarkable woman and her love for all of her family and friends. Her memory is a blessing to us all.

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