Joe: A Life of Mischief, Humor, and Joy


Sandra Bartel

Editions:Kindle: $ 3.49Paperback: $ 14.95
ISBN: 069207614X
Pages: 122

When Joe was born with Down Syndrome in the 1960s, the doctor told his parents
it would probably be best if he were institutionalized. They refused, brought him
home, and never regretted their decision. As their health declined in later years,
Joe’s sister Sandra and her husband Paul took Joe into their home.

Mischievous, full of joy for life, and downright hilarious, Joe has enriched
their lives and those who have known him.

Although he somehow learned some very naughty words by the time he was
four years old, and continues to use them every chance he can get, Joe’s heart is
full of love.

Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Oh my goodness, if you are in the market for warmth, love, honesty, family, and especially humor, do not pass up this book. Well put together. A fun, fast read that delves into what turns out to be a very humorous look at living with Joe Burns. You may cry, but you certainly will laugh.

Kathi on Goodreads wrote:

An honest glimpse into life with a sibling who has Down syndrome—mostly humorous anecdotes that show both the joys and the challenges, the delights and the demands. My sister, who also has Down syndrome, is 5 years older than Joe, went to school with him for many years, and has participated in community activities and events with him. Better organization and arrangement of the anecdotes and chapters would have improved my rating, but the author’s clear-eyed perspective shines through.

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