Hose Monkey


Reed Farrel Coleman

Hose Monkey
Editions:Kindle: $ 7.99
ISBN: 1440553971
Pages: 301
Paperback: $ 16.95
ISBN: 1440553971
Pages: 200
Hardcover: $ 26.92
ISBN: 1932557180
Pages: 292

When former NYPD detective Joe Serpe hit bottom, he just kept on going. Having lost his career to charges of corruption, his family to divorce, his partner to suicide, and his fireman brother to the tragedy of 9/11, Serpe's world is nearly empty but for his cat, Mulligan. Living in a basement apartment in a blue collar town on Long Island, Joe spends his days filling tanks with home heating oil and his nights filling his belly with vodka.

But when a young, mentally challenged man who worked for Joe's oil company is cruelly murdered, Joe Serpe rediscovers purpose and grasps for a last chance at redemption.

Along with his former Internal Affairs Bureau nemesis, Bob Healy, and Marla Stein, a brave and beautiful, group home psychologist, Joe wades into the world of street gangs, anti-immigration organizations, and the Red Mafia.

Hose Monkey is a rough and tumble ride through a violent, often cruel world--a world where it's hard to tell the bad guys from the good guys without a scorecard. It is a world of murder and extortion, but one in which an innocent Down's Syndrome girl may hold the key that unlocks the mystery. At the same time, Hose Monkey is a story of salvation and forgiveness . . . a tale of justice done.

Reviews:Old_airman on Goodreads wrote:

Lately, I have gotten so many Nook books that some have dropped off my radar. Almost forgot I had this one and nearly blew it off. Sure glad that I did not.

Joe Serpe, a disgraced NY cop, has allowed his life to deteriorate to driving a fuel oil truck when he isn't drinking himself into a stupor. The murder of a special needs boy introduces Joe to life again. A very intertaining read.

Diana on Goodreads wrote:

A gritty murder mystery with lots of graphic violence. I enjoyed the story; the writing was very good.

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