Her Name Is Heidi: A Memoir


Bonnie Elder 

Her Name Is Heidi
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: 1641843780
Pages: 168

Her Name Is Heidi is the true story of Heidi Billow, a brave girl with Down's syndrome who overcame the unbelievable odds against her since birth in order to physically survive. Readers will walk through her surgeries and see the amazing miracles that occurred through the strength of prayer. You'll also walk with those who cared for Heidi and see their real, human struggles of doubt, anger, hope, and unexpected joy. Just when things begin to look dismal, God shows up with words that carry the family through to their next level of praise.Even if you don't have a child with special needs, everyone still meets challenges in life that overwhelm and can even make you feel despair and unbelief. When those storms come, how do we not only survive, but also come out on the other side with a victory shout?To find out how we did it, here is our story. It will encourage you to pray for the impossible, look for the impossible, and receive the impossible.

Reviews:Jacquelyn L. Elder on Amazon wrote:

The power in this story is In that moment when Bonnie and her husband knew that their daughter—with all her special needs—was exactly who and how God wanted her to be. She was fearfully and wonderfully made, and the Lord delighted in her just as she was. Her daughter didn't need healing, they did.
As Bonnie's sister in law, I am inspired by her courage to re-visit this sad and perplexing time for her and Jeff, much of which I was not fully aware.
Her brave re-counting of it helps all of us to see how healing and peace are what we receive through the Holy Spirit when we trust God's will to bring goodness out of the suffering we encounter. It is the Christian path to peace of soul. Heidi's story is a walk through that faith and in times such as these, offers the prayer many of us ask --for God's help to understand where we need healing and the grace to surrender to it.

Eric Quinn on Amazon wrote:

Written from the heart, this warm memoir about raising a child with Down's syndrome will tug at your heart strings. We meet Heidi as soon as she is born and follow her as she grows from childhood to adulthood. The book unfolds in a series of short stories, some funny, some poignant, all from the perspective of a loving mother. If you are facing a similar situation or know of someone who is , see how Bonnie advocates for her child and how her Christian Community rallies behind her in times of bewilderment and despair. The story continues today with hope and understanding for tomorrow.

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