Fool’s Gold


Shirley Bahlmann

Fools Gold
Editions:Paperback: $ 5.00
ISBN: 097492413X
Pages: 238
Single mother Mattie Jones’ life is already full with two children, marriage plans, a fiancé, a huge dog, and an eccentric neighbor. Then her sister drops in unannounced with their nine-year-old nephew, Kenny, who has Down’s Syndrome. Since Kenny’s mother is being treated for a nervous breakdown, Mattie takes in her unexpected visitors. But soon Kenny becomes a key player in a life or death drama instigated by an itinerant preacher named Cyrus - a man who has already rocked the faith and shaken the marriage of Mattie's friend, Laney. Now Cyrus sees in Kenny a pure and guiltless spirit that he is determined to protect and nurture, no matter what.

With mounting apprehension, Mattie follows a chain of events that ultimately threatens the very lives of those she loves. Will her love be strong enough to carry her beyond the limits of endurance and save them in time?

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