Extraordinary: Stories Of Adopting Children With Down Syndrome


Cady Driver 

Editions:Paperback: $ 22.39
ISBN: 1946389145
Pages: 272

Extraordinary: Stories of Adopting Children With Down Syndrome will introduce you to thirteen families who, with God’s help, said “YES!” to the most rewarding journey of their lives. Inside these pages, you will catch a glimpse of the struggles, the successes, and the unspeakable joy they experienced as they welcomed a child with Down syndrome into their forever family. It also includes a statement of “We Believe…” listing the many reasons that children with Down syndrome are more alike than different from a typical child. A Resource Guide will help you find general information such as “How to Adopt” and “Financial Assistance Organizations.” If you’re not able to adopt but would like to help, there are resources in “Orphan Care” to guide you to what best suits your situation.

Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Beautiful stories filled with so many emotions each family has their own unique mountains that they climbed on their journey to their children and it brought tears to my eyes. We are in the process of adopting a little boy with DS and this book only strengthened my faith that saying Yes to adopting a little boy with DS is the best thing we ever said Yes to. Also love that the proceeds go to Open hearts for orphans. It's all so good.♡♡

Amazon_Customer on Amazon wrote:

Definitely read with a box of tissues near for happy tears! I cried in every chapter. This book is changing how the world sees Down syndrome adoption. These beautiful children desperately need homes and they deserve them! They bring so much joy and light into each story and you can see how each child is immeasurably loved. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I have given it away as gifts as well in the adoption and Down syndrome community.

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