Down Syndrome, Raising a Child Like Kimmy


Judith Mathewson

Down Syndrome Raising a Child Like Kimmy
Editions:Paperback: $ 2.60
ISBN: 1608601935
Pages: 82

When Judith Mathewson found out her premature daughter was diagnosed with Downs syndrome, she felt it was an unexpected blessing from God. Though weak and frail, mentally challenged and physically handicapped, Kimmy's loving smiles and trusting nature brought more into other people's lives than they could have ever brought into her own. Judy shares her inspiring and heartwarming story of raising three young children while suffering the physical and mental abuse of her former husband. Loving each child equally and nurturing them individually set a perfect example for her daughters, Suzanne Miller and Tamara Keene, who played an instrumental part in teaching and assisting Kimmy in the everyday ways of life. More than a book about a special needs child, this is a book about strength, perseverance, and unconditional love between a mother and her children. ABOUT THE AUTHOR-Judith Mathewson grew up in Alpena, Michigan. Through her writings, Judy hopes to reach out to parents of special needs children, providing resources, encouragement, and above all, a sense of hope. She retired after 27 years from a financial and investment services company that she co-owned and now lives with Kimmy in South Carolina.


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