Born For This: From Disability to Destiny


Vicki Stansberry Smith

Born For This: From Disability to Destiny
Editions:Paperback - Out of Print

In 1973, a young couple was told by their doctor that their newborn daughter had Down syndrome. He said that she would probably never walk or talk, and he advised them to put her in an institution and to get on with their lives. They ignored his advice. Not only did Windy Smith learn to walk and talk, she’s walked into the Oval Office on several occasions to meet with the President of the United States. She’s talked to over 38 million people on national TV, and she’s competed in the International Special Olympics Games. This is the story of a remarkable young woman’s life, over several decades, as she embraces her destiny. It follows her incredible journey as she grows up to become friends with celebrities, professional athletes, governors, and she even becomes a special friend to a President. This compelling book also tells about her faith in God, her compassion for others, and how she helped reshape federal polices and became an advocate for all Americans with disabilities. Windy’s life has been about overcoming disabilities in order to reveal her unique abilities to the world. She was truly Born For This.

Reviews:memphismama on Amazon wrote:

If you want to read a great book that is filled with spunk, happiness, excitement, and good ol' Tennessee determination , then this is your book. The personal revelations of a very young couple who were facing what seemed overwhelming when their young daughter was born with an intellectual disability is heartfelt. They had a young toddler age son and were living across the state from their parents when Windy was born. Memphis blessed them with resources available for children, and Vicki and David created the rest. Windy's story is amazing. She,her parents and eventually 2 brothers refused to let her be relegated to an obscure life. Instead they worked on her development from the beginning, and did it pay off! Did I mention Windy decided George W Bush would make a great president, and she wrote to tell him? That started years of activism for intellectually disabled persons that involved speaking to the Republican national convention, working to remove the "R" word from federal language as a member of the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities and generally being a whirlwind of love, faith and happiness. The book is well written and you feel the deserved pride that Vicki and David have in their daughter. If you love a good story that is real, you will enjoy this fine book.

cheddar on Amazon wrote:

This book is a love story - a many faceted one. I laughed and I cried and came away with a wonderful perspective of how precious each one of God's children is to Him. It is the story of a family who got the shattering news at birth that their daughter had Down syndrome. It tells how her parents loved and fought for Windy her entire life and how her extended family and many friends came alongside to support and love her.

This book, written by her Mother, chronicles not only Windy's progress but the amazing doors that God opened to Windy through Special Olympics, art, and becoming a poster girl for an organization so that she met and made friends with govenors, celebrities and even had a special relationship for years with the President of the United States. Windy's character and personality shine through it all.

If you want to be encouraged, if you want to see family at its best, if you want to have your faith in a loving God strengthened - read Born for This!

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