An Angel Named Sally and Two Guardian Angels


Marilyn (McQuiston) GrahamĀ 

An Angel Named Sally
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: 1496958144
Pages: 142
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ISBN: 1496958144
Pages: 142
Hardcover: $ 23.99
ISBN: 1496958136
Pages: 142

This is a biography of two wonderful women who were instrumental in bringing public awareness for the mentally disabled in 1940s to 1980s and a little girl with Down syndrome.
Irene Otteman and Margaret McQuiston dedicated their lives to making a better world for the mentally disabled. The story explains difficulties, challenges, and successes. It includes hopes, dreams, and emotional turmoil. It talks about lifestyle changes and how far society has come in recognizing those who are different.
Programs the two started in Central Michigan include the Day Center, which was the first educational opportunity for mentally disabled children in Isabella County Michigan. (Education was not available before these two women became advocates for the mentally disabled.) A parent's association became part of the Mt. Pleasant Regional Center, also known as the State Home and Training School, because Margaret and Irene became involved. In addition, Irene was the first to suggest Central Michigan University Special Olympics and Devine Houses for the Disabled. The parent's association, Association of Interfaith Ministry, and Mid-Michigan Industries are all historical parts of those early beginnings.
The world is a better place because of people like Irene and Margaret, who went the extra mile in helping those who couldn't help themselves.

Reviews:H.O. on Amazon wrote:

Wonderful story about how two women made a difference in the lives of the disabled in Michigan. Goes to show that one person who is determined enough can make big changes and impact lives for the good.

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