Amish Christmas Joy


Patricia Davids

Amish Christmas Joy
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
ISBN: 0373878559
Pages: 222
Hardcover: $ 12.00
ISBN: 1410468321
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 317
Paperback: $ 12.59
ISBN: 0373878559
Size: 4.15 x 6.66 in
Pages: 224

Instant Father

One minute, Caleb Mast is an oil-rig roughneck who answers to no one but himself. The next, he's the father of a special-needs child he never knew existed. What kind of home can a man like him—without faith or community—provide for an eight-year-old girl? For little Joy's sake, Caleb returns to the Amish community he left behind years ago. His daughter bonds with Amish schoolteacher Leah Belier, and Caleb feels hopeful for once. But Leah blames Caleb for dashing long-ago dreams and can't bear to trust him. With Christmas weeks away, one special girl just may bring two hearts—and an entire community—together.

Reviews:lindsey a. minnick on Amazon wrote:

this is the 9th book in the brides of Amish Country. Joy is a special needs child. Her Dad hasn't a clue on how to deal with her problems, mostly because her Dad didn't know he was a dad. Join Caleb as he returns home to his Amish roots. To find a home for his daughter and his heart. Sexual content refers to past experience and current courting standards of kissing and hugging.

Kzoo on Amazon wrote:

Another winner! Her characters are very three-dimensional, even her little child with Down's Syndrome. Her stories are well crafted, professionally edited, and a delight to read. She's one of my favorite Amish authors - along with Marta Parry and Mary Ellis. If you love the genre, the three of them need to fill your bookshelf.

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