A Little Like Lily: A Novel


Sherry Boas

A Little Like Lily
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 1940209242
Pages: 166
Paperback: $ 12.95
ISBN: 1940209242
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 166

The Lily Series concludes with this moving story told by Daisy, who has Down syndrome and is adopted into Lily’s family. Brokenhearted that the man she loves is getting married, Daisy runs away from the wedding and gets lost in the streets of Boston. Her journey back home reveals the harshness and sorrows of the valley of tears through which we all walk, as well as the compassion that swells within the human heart when it is moved by the desire to alleviate the suffering of another.

Reviews:Trisha Niermeyer Potter on Amazon wrote:

The innocent, honest, open style of narrator Daisy’s thoughts, feelings, and actions create a moving portrait of what it might be like to be inside the mind of someone with Down syndrome.

Within the structure of a personal memoir, there are several passages included along the way that are from the viewpoint of other characters. This gives us some additional perspective on what’s happening while providing the opportunity to read between the lines. Oftentimes, we can deduce more about major aspects of the story, such as the severity of her father’s illness, from what others say and do than we can solely from Daisy’s thoughts.

We are shown in a way that is real and respectful that persons with Down syndrome have the same emotions, challenges, and experiences with heartache that the rest of us do. The dynamics of having a crush, being close friends with someone, feeling jealous when a loved one spends time with someone else instead of you are universal themes with which most of us can identify.

I love the covers of these books! They are quite beautiful, striking, and tie the books together well. I’m very much into photography, art, and design as well as writing, proofreading, and editing, so that’s another thing I appreciated about the series.

I recommend the Lily series to anyone who thinks or would like to believe that each person’s life is precious and affects so many other lives well beyond our ability to imagine.

Gary Mesward on Amazon wrote:

This trilogy about a girl named Lily who has Down syndrome is wonderful. The real life insights were so poignant and often funny. What a talented writer!

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