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Q20: Just Like Other Daughters

“She tugs and my daughter and this mentally retarded man break suction. Retarded. here’s that word again. This time I’m too upset by the mini make-out session in my front hall to be disturbed by my mental word choice again.”

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Q15: Writing With Grace

Writing With Grace

McFarlane and her daughter witness a frightening incident in a department store. A young woman with Down syndrome appeared to be having a behavioral episode. Afterward McFarlane reminisces about her feelings during the event. “Why had those words – She’s

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Q23: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 23)  “I have to admit to a certain prejudice against Williams after spending a day there.  Each evening a group of fake cowboys stages a gun battle on Main Street, in front of all the Route 66 souvenir shops. 

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