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Q14: Loving Andrew – Chapter 12

Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome

This chapter opens up with an emotional confession. We can certainly understand and emphasize with the author’s feelings of depression. Have you ever experienced similar feelings? Did you ask for help or press on through it alone? It’s difficult to

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Q2: Life With Charley – A Christmas Stocking for Charley

“We couldn’t wait to call our folks. We’ve all been there. You pump yourself up and blurt out the words, but the party on the other end of the phone isn’t sure they’ve heard you right. “Mom, Dad, we’re adopting

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Q1: Adventures in the Mainstream

Adventures in the Mainstream

Q1) In the Introduction, Palmer talks about a boy who has Down syndrome he used to see as a child. “I’ll never know what happened to him, whether by some miracle he found a life worth living. I can only

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