Q8: Life With Charley – Surrender

Charley drops a bomb on Mom.


He laughed and said, “Mommy, I wanna  gowa date.”

Good thing my back was turned, and he couldn’t see my reaction.

“Like, a boy-girl date?” It appeared he’d been watching Grease again. (It’s one of his favorites)

“Yeah. Can I Mom? Pweeease?”

“Son, do you think a girl would want to play with robots?”

He looked up, grinned, and said, “Yeah.” Sure they would, what was I thinking? P. 86


Has your child ever thrown a question at you that you were not prepared for?  How do you handle expectations when your child wants something that may or may not happen?

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One comment on “Q8: Life With Charley – Surrender
  1. Nova Hewitt says:

    I’d love to hear those words. Any words really. I think there should be a dating service for our adult kids. They have them for the elderly, the middle aged, divorced, gay, why not our kids? There’s hardly a chance for them to meet each other. It’s how people meet these days. I tried to make play dates for Kate when she was younger with locals with no success. The parents were so tight dusted with their children they let them work at GOODWILL but not go to lunch with friends? So, I’m happy that your dear son is interested in sharing his life and robots with a companion . That he can question things. I thought that on your last post on “chicken fingers” how smear that he can articulate the confusion and have it straightened out. Anyway, a great question! I ask my daughter the same questions. How do you feel about boys? Dating? I know she would love to have a companion.

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