Q7: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q7) “By his own choice, Ned has an extremely restricted diet.  For breakfast he eats two peeled wiener, dry Cheerios, two pieces of white toast, orange juice, and milk.   He has had this breakfast almost every morning for fifteen years.  (If you’re doing the math, that’s 10,950 wieners to date. And just wieners.  to my knowledge he has never eaten a hotdog bun in his life.) For lunch, at school anyway, he takes a lunchbox containing some fruit, a slice of cold pizza, celery sticks, a cardboard box of apple juice, a clutch of Cheerios, and two Chips Ahoy cookies, the only brand of cookies he has ever consumed.  We’re fairly sure he eats the pizza and the cookies.  Everything else is a tossup. Or more likely a toss-out.  After school, he has another wiener and two more pieces of white toast.  (Total: 16, 425 wieners; 21,900 slices of white toast.)

When I asked recently and for the hundredth time whether the all-dog diet were perhaps, oh, killing him, Dr. Dassel said bluntly, “He’s healthier than you are.” Point taken.

Ned’s become more gastronomically adventurous in the past five years, especially at dinner time, but the fact remains that given the amazing variety of foods available in the world today, he will always opt for a cheeseburger, plain and dry, with a little ketchup.” p. 17

Does your loved one have dietary habits?  How do you deal with such restrictions? How do you feel about Ned’s routine?

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