Q6: Life With Charley – Dindow

Charley likes to play jokes on people.

The principal stood in the hallway and informed me that Charley was being sent home for throwing his pants out the window. “They landed on the assistant principal’s head,” he said. Imagine that. 

I asked why Charley didn’t have his pants on and the principal said, “Because we wanted you to see for yourself.” Um, I’ve seen it.

“It is not acceptable for a student to take off his pants at school.” He handed me the pants. I told Charley to get dressed.

“I see your point,” I said. “But it is acceptable for the student to sit in his underwear? P.76


“TADAHHH!” He jumped into the middle of the room wrapped in a towel. But it wasn’t wrapped too well, because what good is it to shock a room full of church ladies unless the towel falls off, which it did. P. 78

Has your child ever done something so bad, but at the same time, so funny?  What was your reaction to the principal?

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One comment on “Q6: Life With Charley – Dindow
  1. Nova Hewitt says:

    Oh, Charlie! What you did was funny! What the principal did was cruel and humiliating.
    Kate had an intense need to escape from the house and wander to anywhere. We added locks to the top of all the doors exiting the house to no avail. She simply pulled up a chair and waa laa she was a free girl. Mid winter and naked as a jay bird. We were totally unaware for minutes till the doorbell rang and it was our neighbors that she had again escaped. They brought her back wrapped in one of their winter coats smiling. I’ll never forget their kindness.
    We’ve had police hunting for her in the early days. We just had to turn our heads and she was off and running.
    We invested in a whole house alarm system the next morning after the naked escape

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