Q42: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 42)

“…I stayed to sing with Ned.


This was a huge mistake…For four years Ned began every choir class at Nathan Hale with vocal warming up, but this time he declined to participate. Not making a single sound, he stared at the floor while the rest of us were all la-la-la-ing like crazy.  Ned continued to stare at the floor for the entire rehearsal.  One would have thought he was non-verbal, non-vocal, and non-alive, except that he was breathing and occasionally shooting me dire glances.


…He absolutely refused. His behavior suggested that when we told Chris by e-mail how experienced and functional our son is, we were blatantly lying.  Either that or we are the kind of parents who are in denial about their kid’s real abilities.  Needless to say I was both embarrassed and angry.”  p 283


Has your loved one ever refused to participate in public?  How would you react in this situation?  How do you feel about Palmer’s reaction?  Have you ever been accused of “being in denial” about your loved one’s abilities?

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