Q37: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 37)  Ned and his father visit Ned’s high school.


“In that place where he was always one of the kids, he came back as an adult, and talked with adults as an equal.  Perhaps if the room had still been filled with students, it would have been different, but I think not.  Whether as a result of his experiences on the cruise, or working at KCTS, or just the natural process of growing up, Ned will never be one of the kids again.  He still carries action figures around – he may always do that- and though his diet has expanded some, he still regularly eats many of the things he ate when he was six.  But in most other ways he’s a grown man now.  It took a visit to the center of his kid life for me to realize that.”  p. 221


Have you had a moment like the one Palmer describes?  Has it suddenly struck you that your loved one is an adult?  Are there exceptions to the rule, like Palmer describes (the action figures)?

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